I hate how every time I meet an African relative/family friend

They’re always like “Ahhh Osasu! Look how tall you ah but you ah just skin ontop bones. You look like skeleton wey Babalawo raise from grave. It’s because you don’t eat African food and eat all of dat akata and oyinbo rubbish, dats why. If I cooked correct fufu and pounded yam for you for a month you will fill out and all de gyels will come knocking on your door. But nawa for you, you no ‘gree eat Nigerian food. I pity you-o.”

For Christ’s sake people. I’m skinny like this because of genetics. All the boys on my mom’s side of the family is built like this. No matter how much fufu or pounded yam I eat I will always look like this. These people need to stop demonizing me for not liking fufu. Ughhh

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  2. thalovebelow said: LMAO - poor thing. “skin ontop bones” lmao
  3. raggamindcontrol said: Hilarious! I know you think this isn’t funny, but I’m sitting here just visualizing the whole convo. Don’t worry man my family does the same. Only difference is I’m Jamaican.
  4. blvcktropic said: lol aww don’t listen to them you yeah am skinny too and all eat is African food and a bit of american food it makes no difference you hear
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